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Dani Johnson A True To Life Story Of Miraculous Success In Network Marketing

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If youíre looking for a role model to inspire you in your multilevel marketing career, look no further beyond Dani Johnson, founder of Call to Freedom International.Dani Johnson wasnít born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
If you loved this article and you would like to get additional facts pertaining to mom boobs xxx kindly visit our own website. Her childhood was far from rosy, and it might have even been unbearable if not for the Bible studies she had when she was young. Born to drug-addicted parents, Dani also suffered from various types of abuse in her stepfatherís hands. At the tender age of seventeen, Dani also became an unwed mother and had to give the baby up for adoption. Worse, she became the target of disapproval of the people in her church and was driven away from God.

This pushed Dani to transfer her faith to eastern mysticism and Dani daniels xxx new-age beliefs and seek happiness in material possessions.At 21, Dani was a hugely successful sales associate and entrepreneur when she walked down the aisle. Her husband, however, turned out to be a con artist and took everything in Daniís name, leaving her with just $2.03 in her name, enormous credit card debt, and homeless.

This was the lowest point in her life, but it was also at this time that Dani heard Godís voice again, urging her to rise past her current troubles and move forward.It was beyond difficult to get back on her feet, but Dani managed it. With no tools, materials, equipment, or even products to sell, Dani began selling health products from a phone booth.

Although her new business literally began from the back of her car, it quickly turned into an astounding success thanks to Daniís diligence.Soon, Daniís fame spread and people began approaching her, offering to pay Dani for the chance of learning from her.
This gave Dani the idea of starting her own training company. Sheíd share her wisdom and experience with her students once a month. As the numbers of her trainees continued to grow, Dani was able to acquire the necessary resources to establish her own health and nutrition marketing company.

Two years later, Dani went from homeless to millionaire, and she re-dedicated her life to Christ.In her line of work, Dani has been able to produce significant impact on every life she touches. She has helped thousands of people free themselves from financial bondage with her biblical based principles.
She has been able to help many people earn 6 or 7 income figures and has been featured in various TV and radio programs and newspapers. The topics that her training seminars discuss include but are not limited to teamwork, wealth development, time management, prospecting, motivation, overcoming fear, and spiritual issues.

Dani is also the author of Relationship Marketing Expert.Today, Dani Johnson continues to train people and mold them into individuals able to derive strength from their faith in God. It is her sole wish for all her clients to enjoy blessings in their professional, family, and spiritual lives.

Dani Johnson currently lives with her husband Hans and four children. She has also been reunited with her first daughter, has two grandchildren, and a son-in-law in the military.
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