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Lisa Had Not Been Herself Recently And I Wondered If Everything Was OK

JonnaMauro84063398 2019.12.03 17:33 조회 수 : 43

Lisa had not been herself recently and I wondered if everything was OK. I was trying not to pry but after a while she confided in me that her husband had left her and was planning on divorcing her. Lisa, however, was not ready to give up on her marriage and told me quite emphatically "I want my husband back".

Maybe this is a situation similar to yours. Whether you are separated from your husband physically or just emotionally - for now, the idea that your marriage is coming to an end can be quite traumatic. You are probably wondering if you can possibly reconcile with him.

Every marriage is different so I cannot promise anything, but if you are willing to work at it, reconciliation just may be possible. In fact, some couples who work through their problems successfully end up with a stronger marriage than before.

Anyone who tells me I want my husband back is usually at least willing to try. So let us take a look at some recommendations for attempting to reconcile with your husband who has either already left you or may be thinking about it.

Tip #1: Give him some space. Maybe you have been the perfect wife, but sometimes men feel limited to what they can do without getting nagged on; kind of like being boxed in, the old ball and chain thing.

Make sure he knows he has your approval to spend some time working on his hobbies in the basement or garage. And while you do not want to be a sports widow, it is alright with you that he watch the game that is important to him. Maybe instead of dragging him to the mall next time ask a girlfriend instead.

Tip #2: Limit your contact with him. If your husband has already left you, keep your contact to a minimum for a while. I know you want your husband back, but let him sort through his feelings on the break up and even his direction in life. You can let him know you are there, but, again, give him space.

It could be he left because he was feeling smothered and just could not think straight. Nagging or prodding can just push him further away. Use this time to sort through your feelings and emotions also so you can talk with him calmly and rationally when the time comes.

Tip #3: Take a look inside yourself. Reconciling with your husband is not all about assigning blame. What you want to do now is think about what things you could have done better in the relationship and start planning to change. Take responsibility for your faults and be ready to forgive his just like you want him to forgive yours.

Think about whether you may have seemed like you were nagging too often and showing affection too little. Or maybe you were more likely to talk during your conversations with him and xxxmomvideos (theultimatetantriclondon.com) less likely to listen.

Tip #4: Get your priorities straight. This is something you both need to do, but concentrate on your side of the equation for now. You are saying I want my husband back, is that priority #1? Maybe you have a work schedule that will have to be adjusted or perhaps you have been volunteering for the kids activities too much.

It is too easy in our lives today to let the urgent get in the way of the important. And while it is very common for women to place their children as the first priority in their life it is many times at the expense of their marriage - and then they wonder why it fails.

Tip #5: Listen more intently. When your husband is ready to talk, let him do the talking. Listen to what he says, even take notes! Address his concerns honestly and openly. Tell him how you feel too, but do not cut him off. This can become emotional for both of you, make sure that you stay calm.

Do not make promises you cannot keep. Offer baby steps for issues that may take a while to change; but steps that can be easily recognized as progress.

Reconciling with your husband is an important task. What you learn and do here can be effective in handling marriage hurdles for the rest of your life. Make sure you avoid the big mistakes, get help to make sure you do this right (there may not be another chance).

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